Catches twigs, leaves, stones, sand and other debris before the rainwater flows into the tank.

Rainwater coming through these filters is perfect for storage in a tank to be used later to run the washing machine, flush the toilet, water the garden and much more.


The vortex fine filter is usually installed below ground in the horizontal rainwater pipe. It filters the rainwater that flows in at the side of the filter unit and releases the filtered rainwater to the storage tank. Its filter insert is made of a fine stainless-steel mesh with a mesh size of only 0.28 mm. Leaves, moss and other debris entrained in the rainwater are reliably filtered out and flushed away to the soakaway or drain.

Inline filters

Inline filters are integrated in the manhole or shaft of the rainwater tank and fitted between the inlet and outflow. The filtered rainwater will flow vertically into the tank, while any debris will stay behind in the filter to be flushed away. Inline filters are designed for applications that offer limited space and only a small difference in height between inlet and outflow.

Downpipe filters

These filters are integrated in the rainwater downpipe and are best suited for applications involving sloping tile or slate roofs.