Rainwater harvesting for use in the house and the garden

Rainwater is perfect for doing the washing, flushing the toilet and watering the garden. If we want to use this valuable resource, a proper rainwater installation is a must, however. Did you also know rainwater tanks are now mandatory for new-builds and thorough renovations? So why not use all that free water as much as we can?

Automatic switch to tap water with a Sigma, Optima or Multimat operating system.

These systems for rainwater harvesting manage the entire rainwater supply flow, check the level of the rainwater tank and switch automatically to tap water when needed. Consistent with the DIN 1989 and DIN EN 1717 norm.

Our refillsystems are approved by the Belgian Federation for the Water sector (BELAQUA), we possess a BELAQUA certificate.


LOW ENERGIE USAGE! The systems are standard outfitted with a pump regulator (ZETA 02 pump controller) that uses only 0.2 Watts in stand-by mode, which is considerably lower than other commercially available operating systems. This pump regulator controls the pump when needed


Suction filters

Floating fine suction filters (SAFF): to drain rainwater from tanks and other vessels, ponds and wells. This filter has a mesh size of 0.3mm

Floating coarse suction filters ( SAGF): to drain clean pre-filtered rainwater from cisterns and other vessels. This filter has a mesh size of 1.2mm

Suction filters without non – return valve: these models for submersible pumps / pressure pumps have no non-return valve (like with our Optima system)

Suction filters with non-return valve: these models are for suction pumps fitted with a non-return valve (like with our Sigma system)

All suction filters are standard fitted with a floater of 15cm diameter.

Suction filter sets

These sets comprise of a standard fine suction filter with floater (15cm) and a suction hose with connector.

Total Solution

Complete rainwater harvesting systems: installation for the reuse of rainwater through use of a connected pumping installation for the connection of one ore more toilets or washing machines.

Slim Rain harvesting systems: instant solution for the use of rainwater in the garden and around the house.