Home rainwater harvesting packages

Home rainwater harvesting packages (10)

Rainwater Tank + Filter + Pumping station

Our complete rainwater packages include everything you need for optimal collection and reuse of rainwater. Underground storage tank, a filter (pre-filter or inline filter), siphon, control system, quiet inlet.


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Garden rainwater harvesting packages

Garden rainwater harvesting packages (10)

Use rainwater in the garden - budgetfriendly and easy to install

Budget friendly and easy to install! Rainwater is suitable for watering the garden. But for that you need a good rainwater installation.


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Pump and switch systems for rainwater harvesting systems

Pump and switch systems for rainwater harvesting systems (6)

Operating systems Sigma, Optima and Mulimat

Automatic switch to mains water with a Sigma, Optima or Multimat control system. These stormwater recovery systems control the entire stormwater supply system, monitor the level of the stormwater tank and automatically switch to mains water when needed. Our refill systems have been approved by the Belgian Federation for the Water Sector, we have a Belgaqua certificate.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION! The systems come standard with a pump controller (ZETA 02 pump controller) which consumes only 0.2 watts in standby mode, which is significantly lower than other commercial controllers available. This pump controller controls the pump when needed.

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Accessories for rainwater harvesting systems

Accessories for rainwater harvesting systems (16)

Suction filters and suctionfilter sets

Suction filters and suction filter sets as accessories of rainwater recovery system


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