DS Plastics offers a wide range of products for rainwater storage, buffering and controlled release. 

Whether we want to install a rainwater tank or make our driveway water permeable, we must keep in mind that tackling regular flooding and preventing water shortages is everyone’s business. 

Underground rainwater tanks

We shouldn’t take water for granted. This is why installing a rainwater tank (rainwater recovery) is a good thing.

Above-ground storage tanks

Rainwater can be stored both above- and underground. Our tanks are suitable for above-ground storage in buildings where access is limited. Larger volumes can be achieved too by connecting several tanks, while the fact they are light-weight means they are easy to install as well.

Rainwater filters

Rainwater from the roof can be channelled into a storage tank for use in our homes if filtered beforehand. Because the cleaner the water before it gets into the tank, the less chance of it discolouring or producing nasty odours later. Blockages, too, are easily avoided with proper filtering.

Rainwater installation - Rainwater recovery system

Optimal use of rainwater Thanks to a pump and a rainwater-to-mains switch, the water is directed towards the toilet or washing machine inside your home. Before it comes out of the tank, however, it is filtered for a second time with a fine mesh around the suction pipe so no sediment can clog up the plumbing inside the house. Long periods of drought may mean your rainwater tank almost runs dry. This is not a problem, because it can be filled up with mains water. 

Rainwater infiltration

More and more areas are concreted over in densely populated areas like our cities, meaning rainwater can no longer seep back into the soil, but is disposed of quickly via the sewage system, which can lead to both flooding and the soil drying out. Infiltration systems make sure less rainwater flows straight into the sewage system so more of it can seep back into the ground.

Comprehensive rainwater recovery packages

Our comprehensive rainwater recovery packages come with everything for optimal rainwater collection and re-use: an underground storage tank with telescopic shaft, a filter (pre- or inline filter), operating system, inflow stilling system.


Buffering makes sure rainwater is stored and released more slowly in case of heavy rainfall which is less taxing on the sewage system and prevents flooding in lower-lying areas. 

Connectors and connections:
To fit larger volumes, several rainwater tanks can be connected as communicating vessels through a tailored connection.