Pvc Inspection chambers

Pvc Inspection chambers (49)

Standard PVC wells including inspection wells, siphon wells and grease collectors

DS Plastics' surveillance pits are fitted with a rubber seal from production as standard for simple, watertight raising of the pit. An added value for the installer.

The PVC monitoring wells are ideal for a quick and user-friendly connection. The wells are watertight, just like the connections, connections, siphons,... They meet the Benor quality mark.

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Custom Made Pvc Sewerage And Drainage

Custom Made Pvc Sewerage And Drainage (1)

Do you require a different height, diameter, position of the connection, with or without extension?

Would you like a different height, diameter, position of connections, with or without a raised collar? Just about anything is possible.


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Welding Constructions

Welding Constructions (4)

Plastic customization

We offer extensive options for plastic welding. Thanks to years of experience, our professionals can deliver high-quality work. Our welding works are mainly in polyethylene (PE). Thanks to the chemical resistance and the excellent strength properties of PE, this material is very useful for various sectors: CONSTRUCTION SECTOR (PE control chambers, prefab custom drain fittings, HDPE draft wells, prfab wall ducts, custom plastic tanks), CHEMISTRY (CHEMICAL TANK, drip trays), horticulture (flower boxes, pond troughs), AGRICULTURE, INSTALLATION SECTOR, FOOD INDUSTRY.


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Pvc Non-return Valves

Pvc Non-return Valves (3)

Non-return valves

A PVC check valve ensures that the liquid can only flow through the pipe in one direction. The valve opens automatically when fluid under pressure wants to flow through from the correct direction and closes automatically when fluid flow and pressure stops.


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Tank dome

Tank dome (9)

Extend the entry shaft to enable deeper installation of the tank

This allows you to install the underground tank at a greater installation depth and maintain easy access at ground level.


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