Watertight solutions,
good for people and the environment

Water management – cherish the blue gold

The key to water management: retaining, buffering and transporting rainwater in a controlled manner. Tanks catch rainwater for valuable reuse, while infiltration facilities take the burden off sewers. Essential for better infiltration into the ground, particularly in urbanised regions.

DS Plastics Watertight Solutions offers an extensive range for the retention, buffering and controlled evacuation of rainwater.

Installing a rainwater tank or making a driveway permeable, the citizen should realise that in this way one tackles regular water nuisance and helps prevent water shortage; a matter of and for everyone.

Underground rainwater tanks

We should be aware not to take water for granted. It is therefore recommended to install a rainwater tank and to reuse the rainwater (rainwater recovery). The installation of a rainwater cistern or rain drain is, in certain cases, obligatory for new buildings or in case of substantial renovation.

Above-ground storage tanks

Rainwater can be stored in an underground reservoir as well as in an above-ground tank. Our storage tanks are suitable for above-ground set-ups for rainwater storage in buildings where access is limited. By coupling several tanks, large storage volumes can be achieved. The light weight of the tanks results in quick and easy installation.

Rainwater filters

If properly filtered, the rainwater falling on the roof can be connected to a rainwater tank for useful reuse. The cleaner the water is when it enters the cistern, the less likely it is to cause discolouration and odour problems later on. Obstructions can also be avoided with the necessary filtering of the rainwater.

Rainwater installation - Rainwater recovery systems

Optimal reuse of rainwater. Thanks to a pump and switch box, the water is conveyed to the toilet or washing machine in the house. Before the water is drawn from the tank, it undergoes a second filtering process. A fine mesh is placed around the suction pipe preventing solid particles from blocking the pipe under any circumstances. Longer periods of drought may result in your rainwater cistern to become almost empty. If this happens, you can refill the tank with tap water.

Rainwater infiltration

In densely populated areas such as cities, more and more surfaces are becoming paved. As a result, water no longer penetrates into the soil but is quickly drained through sewers. This can lead to both flooding and soil dehydration. Infiltration facilities reduce the amount of rainwater that drains directly into the sewers and therefore ensure better infiltration into the soil.

Complete rainwater recovery packages

Our full rainwater harvesting (RWH) packages include all the requirements for optimum rainwater harvesting and rainwater use. An underground storage tank, a filter (pre-filter or inline filter), a siphon, a control system, a quiet inlet. Plug and play!


By buffering rainwater, you ensure that the water is saved during heavy rainfall and is discharged slowly. This relieves the sewer system and prevents lower located areas from being flooded.

Water treatment – that's how we keep things clean

Waste water also deserves a suitable approach to save the environment and secure your future. Count on us for systems like septic tanks and sumps, purification stations and fat, oil and petroleum separators.

DS Plastics Watertight solutions offers a wide range of wastewater treatment solutions:

Septic tanks

A septic tank provides minimal treatment to the wastewater. Settling and floating parts are largely separated. The septic tank also liquefies raw wastewater, mainly the entrained faeces. 

We provide a wide range of plastic septic tanks, available in a variety of sizes and capacities. 

Domestic wastewater treatment units

If your house is located in an area where there is no sewage network, the wastewater must be individually purified. This can be done with an individual wastewater treatment system or also known as an AWTS system (Aerated Wastewater Treatment Plant).

Grease separators

Greases contaminate wastewater and burden the sewerage system. That is why fats are more commonly separated before they are discharged. Where organic fats and oils occur, such as in commercial kitchens, restaurants and meat processing companies, obligations and guidelines are applicable. But also, in private homes more and more people choose to separate the greases coming from the kitchen and bathroom. For these target groups DS Watertight Solutions offers a solution in PE.

Oil and petrol separators

Oil and petrol separators or hydrocarbon separators are used to separate oil from wastewater.

The installation of a separator may be required in the following applications: carwash installations, petrol stations, car parks for trucks/tractors, garages, etc. Depending on the nature of the surface to be treated (covered or uncovered car park, washing area or unloading bay, etc.) and on local guidelines, it is tolerated that a part of the wastewater does not go entirely to the separator. In this case, a storm overflow (bypass) is installed. This system is mainly installed if the site is not covered.

DS Plastics Watertight solutions will gladly assist you with the correct choice of sludge collection volume!

Pumping stations

A retention pit or pumping station is a system for transporting clean water or wastewater to a higher area. This can be a higher located sewer but is also suitable for pumping water over a long distance. A pumping station is typically used to pump grey domestic wastewater, faecal wastewater, rainwater, industrial wastewater, etc.  Depending on the application, DS Watertight Solutions can offer you the right solution from its existing range. Customized solutions with specific requirements are also possible because DS Watertight Solutions has its own assembly shop with experienced staff. In short, DS Watertight Solutions can advise you on the correct choice of a quality pumping station.

Biological products for the maintenance of your rainwater tank, septic tank, piping & grease separator.

With the new professional range "Biological maintenance products by DS Plastics Watertight solutions" we also want to contribute to keeping rainwater and wastewater clean. Our biological products contain a high concentration of enzymes for a quick and long-lasting effect. They improve the recuperation or wastewater and therefore also ensure fewer culling. The products have been developed in a completely ecological way based on our many years of knowledge about rainwater tanks, septic tanks, grease separators, etc.

Sewerage constructions – blessed with a long life

Materials with a long lifespan are the precondition for sustainable structures. With our welding constructions, inspection pits and extensions in polyethylene, you'll be sitting pretty: they will effortlessly stand the test of time.

Customised welding constructions in polyethylene

We offer extensive possibilities for plastic welding. Thanks to many years of experience, our craftsmen deliver high-quality work. Our welding works are mainly in polyethylene (PE).

Thanks to the chemical resistance and excellent strength characteristics of PE, this material is very useful for various sectors:

  • Construction (PE manholes, prefabricated tailor-made fittings, HDPE manholes, prefabricated wall penetrations, custom-made plastic tanks)
  • Chemicals (chemical tank, drip trays)
  • Horticulture (flowerpots and pond tubs)
  • Agriculture
  • Installation sector
  • Food industry

DS Plastics Watertight solutions offers a wide range of plastic manholes for inspection and maintenance of your sewage system

Despite all measures, there will always be sedimentation in a sewer, so it will always need to be cleaned. This makes DS inspection chambers an indispensable part of the sewer system. In addition, these pits can also be used as odour triggers for unpleasant sewer odours (siphon traps) or to retain solids (sedimentation trap).

Pvc standard inspection chambers

The PVC monitoring manholes are ideal for fast and user-friendly connection. They are easy to transport. The pits are watertight, just like the connections, siphons,... They comply with the BENOR quality label that you can find on the sticker of each pit. Each manhole also contains its production date as a traceability mechanism. The prefabricated PVC inspection chambers are produced from sewer pipes which themselves have a BENOR quality label. This unique inspection chamber is supplied as standard in the following diameters: ø250, ø315 & ø400 mm. Larger diameters are available on request. The wells are fitted with a profile bottom or a flat bottom.

The DS Plastics Watertight solutions monitoring chambers are supplied with a rubber seal for simple, watertight elevation of the pit. An added value for every installer.

PE standard inspection chambers

When assembling our inspection chambers, we do not use any gluing, which results in a leak-tight guarantee.  Moreover, these inspection manholes are manufactured from eco-friendly materials, namely 100% recyclable polyethylene. The inspection chambers also offer better functionality thanks to the seamless profile bottoms - which eliminates the risk of possible obstructions - and we work with integrated siphons for these chambers.

Pvc extension

With the use of a height extension piece, the manhole body can be extended to the desired height. The jacking is easy to connect to the inspection manhole by means of the rubber seal that is built into the inspection manhole or the jacking. This rubber seal provides an easy, watertight connection between the inspection pit and the extension. Thanks to this technology, bonding is no longer necessary, which is a guaranteed added value on the construction site, both in terms of watertightness and time saving.

Customised prefab pvc

Besides a wide range of standard models, DS Plastics Watertight solutions also offers you the possibility of customized solutions. If you require a different height, different diameters (ø250, ø315, ø400, ø500 & ø630 mm), different positions of connections, with or without collar, with siphon, with non-return valve ... practically everything is possible with the DS Plastics Watertight solutions monitoring wells.

Connections – so necessary

Could you imagine a life without electricity, water, natural gas, cable TV, telephone, etc.? Well, we'll help ensure that you'll always have them, thanks to reliable connection elements.

DS Plastics Watertight solutions offers a wide range of connections, suitable for the lead-through of various utilities: natural gas, telephone, cable network (TV, internet ...), electricity and water.

Connection bend /  multiple pipe connection

Only install a connection bend such as the DS Connection bend , which is accepted by the distribution network operator.

The multiple pipe bend consists of five plastic bends linked together. Its extremely light weight makes it easy to handle at the building site. Each of the five bends clearly indicates which utility pipe the professional will bring in via the respective bend. The bends for electricity and natural gas have a diameter of 75 and 110 mm, respectively. On delivery, the openings of the connecting elbow are carefully sealed with easily removable plugs. After removing the plugs, the contractor can easily insert the waiting tubes into the elbow.

Spigot fitting bends / feed-through bends / pidpa bends

Spigot fitting bends are mainly used in the foundation and formwork sector. They provide an easy solution as a lead-through element for all kinds of pipes that need to be pulled through (water, electricity...). One side is equipped with a ring sleeve, which facilitates the connection.

Energy kit / formwork kit / multiple wall transit unit

The DS energy kit, formwork kit or multiple pass-through is used as a built-in element in the foundation. The multiple wall pass-through serves as a lead-through for utilities and is mainly used in basement construction. It consists of five openings for electricity, natural gas, cable, water, and telephone.

Heating oil tanks – and you'll always be nice and warm

You expect your heating oil tank to last a long time and be totally safe. This is exactly what we can assure you of: plastic tanks with cast-iron performance. For both indoors and outdoors, under or above ground fuel storage.

DS Plastics Watertight solutions offers a wide range of plastic heating oil tanks for safe fuel storage.

Our fuel tanks comply with the strictest standards.

We offer both above ground and underground tanks.

Outdoor storage above ground

Double-walled polyethylene heating oil tanks, ideal for outdoor use. These tanks guarantee a long life and safe storage. They are equipped with an overfill protection system.

Indoor storage

Due to their compact size, our storage tanks can pass through any doorway for indoor storage. Tanks can be linked together to create a larger volume.

Outdoor storage underground

Fuel tanks in double-walled HDPE for underground storage of household fuel-diesel.

Construction and storage tools – have a safe journey

Road demarcation, road plates, road salt containers, etc., are indispensable for traffic. How are ours different? They are light, flexible, unbreakable, user-friendly and ecologically responsible too.

DS road plates and outrigger pads

Road plates and outrigger pads are ecological, lightweight, user-friendly, extremely durable, extremely flexible, water-repellent, and unbreakable. The plates cannot rust or decompose into the ground.

Road dividers – traffic barrier – new jersey

Stackable road barrier, available in red and white. Perfect for the use of temporary or permanent road barriers. With its stackable design and light weight (made of PE plastic) our road dividers are easy to transport. The traffic barrier can be filled with water or sand.

DS multibox – grit box – storage box

The DS Multibox is suitable for the storage of salt, sand, and absorbent granules. The DS Multibox offers a practical and attractive storage solution. It is perfectly suited for bus and tram stops, train stations, car parks and pedestrian areas. For private households it can also offer numerous storage options, such as a suitable place to store rubbish bags outdoors. The storage box can also be used for storing pet food.

Mortar bin

Our polyethylene mortar tubs are equipped with steel handles and are available in various colours. This bin is a weighted model for extra stability and is equipped with triangular hooks for safe hoisting.  The mortar tubs have a black powder-coated frame with hinged lifting handles and reinforced top edge.  The side and bottom of these mortar bins is also reinforced. Thanks to the use of LLDPE in the production of these mortar bins, they are also very shock resistant. So, this bucket has a load capacity of up to 500 kg! They are perfectly stackable and are delivered per pallet of 24. These mortar buckets can, if desired, also be printed, with a minimum order of 250 pieces.

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