Water management – cherish the blue gold

The key to water management: retaining, buffering and transporting rainwater in a controlled manner. Tanks catch rainwater for valuable reuse, while infiltration facilities take the burden off sewers. Essential for better infiltration into the ground, particularly in urbanised regions.

Water treatment – that's how we keep things clean

Waste water also deserves a suitable approach to save the environment and secure your future. Count on us for systems like septic tanks and sumps, purification stations and fat, oil and petroleum separators.

Sewerage constructions – blessed with a long life

Materials with a long lifespan are the precondition for sustainable structures. With our welding constructions, inspection pits and extensions in polyethylene, you'll be sitting pretty: they will effortlessly stand the test of time.

Connections – so necessary

Could you imagine a life without electricity, water, natural gas, cable TV, telephone, etc.? Well, we'll help ensure that you'll always have them, thanks to reliable connection elements.

Heating oil tanks – and you'll always be nice and warm

You expect your heating oil tank to last a long time and be totally safe. This is exactly what we can assure you of: plastic tanks with cast-iron performance. For both indoors and outdoors, under or above ground fuel storage.

Construction and storage tools – have a safe journey

Road demarcation, road plates, road salt containers, etc., are indispensable for traffic. How are ours different? They are light, flexible, unbreakable, user-friendly and ecologically responsible too.