Pre-filters rainwater

Pre-filters rainwater (9)

Cyclonefilters are mostly installed underground in the horizontal rainpipe coming from the roof

The cyclone filters are usually installed underground in the horizontal rainwater pipe coming from the roof. The water coming from the roof enters the side of the filter and is then led over the vertically standing cylindrical filter. Due to the centrifugal force, the rainwater is sucked through the vertical filter and fed to the storage tank via the exit behind. The leaves, moss and other dirt are reliably filtered out and washed away with the residual water to the drain.


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Inline filters rainwater well

Inline filters rainwater well (7)

The inline filter is installed in the manhole or in the telescopic shaft of the rainwater tank

The inline filter is incorporated in the manhole or in the raising shaft of the rainwater well. This is placed between the inlet and outlet. The filtered rainwater flows vertically into the rainwater tank, the dirt that remains in the filter is washed away. The inline filters have been developed for applications with limited space and where there is only a small difference in height between inputs and outputs.


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Downpipe filter in rainpipe

Downpipe filter in rainpipe (4)

Downpipe filters are installed in the rainwater downpipe

The downpipe filters are built into the rainwater downpipe. Installing a downpipe filter is most ideal for pitched roofs made of roof tiles or slates.



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