Hydrocarbon separator without bypass

Hydrocarbon separator without bypass (11)

used where there may be a ‘high risk’ of a significant fuel spillage

The KWS separators without storm overflow (bypass) treat the discharge of waste water in parking lots. They are recommended in areas used as unloading points or areas with a risk of accidental contamination (eg distribution areas / stripping / fuel storage) or in sensitive areas (recycling of industrial waste water, etc.).


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Hydrocarbon separator with bypass

Hydrocarbon separator with bypass (10)

A Bypass Oil Separator is used in a low risk environment where there is no requirement to provide full treatment for the flow

The KWS separators with storm overflow (bypass) are the most installed devices. Equipped with a fully inspectable bypass (the only one on the market), built into the tank, they provide drainage on roads and parking lots. The bypass takes care of the distribution of the outflow in the device and then it borrows part of it during thunderstorms.


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Alarm system for oil and petrol seperators

Alarm system for oil and petrol seperators (1)

monitors the level of the separated liquid in oil/petrol separators and generates an alarm signal when it is necessary to empty

The alarm system detects the maximum thickness of the oil layer. According to the European standard (EN 858-1) an alarm is mandatory.


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