Greases pollute waste water and put strain on the sewage system. Therefore it is becoming more common to separate greases before drainage into the sewer. Where organic greases and oils occur, e.g. in catering, restaurants and meat processing facilities. There are obligations and directives to follow. But also in private housing,  more and more people choose to separate greases from the kitchen and bathroom. For these audiences, DS plastics offers a solution in PE.

We distinguish between separators for homes and those for professional use.
(according to the EN-1825 norm)

 Grease separators for household use

Grease-holding water coming from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry etc. is captured in this tank. Due to their difference in density (weight), an automatic separation is enforced between the water on the one hand, and the greases on the other. The greases accumulate at the surface and form a crust on the water. The drainage tube starts just above the bottom of the tank, that way no greases leave through the outlet.

Grease Separators for professional use

The grease separator for professional use is an appliance that is placed at the waste water outlet of restaurants, catering, canteens etc. . Meant to collect greases to prevent them from getting into and clogging up the piping and sewerage.

 Biological maintenance products

The counterpart of chemical products that work the same way, but entirely biodegradable. Provides maintenance for all sewerage of waste water: Toilets, sinks, showers, baths etc.